ANC Veterans League


The Veterans League encourages members of society to register to vote

The ANC Veterans League calls on its members to mobilize society to come out in large numbers to register to vote for the next coming general elections.

The 2019 upcoming elections are critical to our country and indeed to our glorious movement.

We readily admit that prior to the 54th conference of the ANC, the movement was clearly on a downward spiral, even sidelining those who dared to criticize its wayward behavior.

As veterans of the ANC, we are determined to protect the legacy of our movement so that it continues to contribute positively to the transformation of our society.

As veterans of the ANC we would like to encourage all members of the civil society especially the youth and the unemployed to register to vote.

Our new leadership has committed itself to rid the organization of factionalism, ill-discipline, arrogance and abuse of state power and resources.

Members of the executive who are dishonest to society and who live above their means will be made to account.

We are confident that the new leadership has taken the issue of the unemployment seriously, and that includes closing the credibility gap that existed prior the 54th conference, particularly amongst the youth.

To this end, we urge and encourage workers who supported our glorious movement with their blood, sweat and tears to come out in large numbers to check their voting status and encourage the youth to register to vote.

So, let us go out in our numbers to encourage our people to register to vote, for the sake of our country’s future, for the sake of our children’s future.
 As veterans of the ANC we are always ready to serve.

Snuki Zikalala
President of ANC Veterans League