ANC Veterans League


ANC Veterans League submission at the 54th National Conference


The Veterans League recommends the formation of a committee in accordance with rule 11.5 of the ANC Constitution, to design and develop a strategy that will include a plan of action and oversee the renewal of the ANC structures including the branches as follows amongst others:

1 .Membership:

2. Communication:

3. Mobilisation:

4. Integrity Commission:

The Integrity Commission must be an independent constitutional structure within the ANC with the capacity to act independently. All the findings of the integrity commission are binding and must be implemented .The integrity commission must be properly staffed and resourced. We agree with the first option of Rule 24.2 .  The integrity commission must submit its report directly to the NEC.

5. Electoral Reform:

  1. There must be a one member one vote for a direct election of NEC.
  2. The number of deployed NEC members in government must be capped.
  3. The Tripartite Alliance must be revitalized, strengthened and respected.

In respect of the ANC being the leader of society,it is essential to convene a regular National Consultative Conference to adopt and review the organisation renewal. These proposals should be tabled to the NGC for approval