ANC Veterans League


The ANC Veterans League support Conference Resolutions of Unity and Renewal of the Organisation

The 54th Conference of the ANC grabbed the nation’s attention and anxiety.  It took place against the backdrop of judicial and political havoc.  This gave rise to the rational fear that the conference might not be held to a successful conclusion.  That it ended the way it did, hiccups along the way notwithstanding, is testimony to the determination of our members to restore the ANC into a position which earned it the respect of many, at home and abroard.

The newly elected National Executive Committee, led by Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa, can count on the support of the ANC Veterans League as it goes about building on the firm foundations of renewal established by conference.  The aftertaste suggests that we are still mired in troubling times:-

Bearing the aforegoing in mind, the Veterans League tabled a proposal at the 54th conference which has the following salient elements:-

Finally, we urge the newly elected NEC to consider convening a Special Consultative conference to reflect on the political problems which gave rise to such unprecedented levels of factionalism and find solutions thereto.
We propose that the Special Consultative Conference should take place not later than before the end of February 2018.  As a Veterans League we are ready to advance Items of Discussion in that Conference.
We should make an effort to convince society that we can self correct and are determined to deliver on our set objectives.

Snuki Zikalala
ANC Veterans League President.